List of our basic FREE services

Befba try our best to offer some basic service like pick up service, packaging inspection and inventory storage for Free.

List of our Add on services

We all know Amazon FBA policy is complecated, and it's always hard to communicate with the oversea supplier, so we provide some useful and practical add-on service for Amazon FBA shipping..

For FBA Prep. and shipping, out team has you covered.

Repackaging & Bundling

Unique packages and bundlings help to improve your brand image. We can help to pick up your items and packages from different suppliers, pack them the way you want. Of course, while complying with Amazon’s requirement and safe to transport.

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Labeling Service

Checking and sticking the labels to comply with Amazon’s policy. Printing FNSKU, Made In China, Warning label if using poly bags together on one label, just $0.1/item. We carefully check every package stuff for you.

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Customized Packaging

Let us know your packaging requirements, we'd love to help you find the packing materials.

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Other services

Befba'd love to be your reliable business partner, not only freight forwarder. You named the service, we will take care of the rest of it.

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Ready to streamline your prep and Amazon FBAlogisticsc process from China? Write us today and our FBA experts are ready to help. You can contact us by the contact form below or write or call us today!

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